Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Remember When...

...we took a break from eternal house-hunting to visit cousins in Florida (the best place to be in January)?

...our offer fell through on that farmhouse.  Remember that farmhouse in February?!

...I fell in love with Farmhouse number two.  I have vowed to buy it on the spot if it ever comes on the market again.  She made our March magical with her ten acres and mile-high swing?

...the world cracked in April at the news of Miss Mary Deane's CF?

...May meant a Mortgage!?  Finally we found our Cottage in the City after nearly a whole year of searching.  And don't forget the annual trip with the Ya-Yas in Portland-Woot!

...June lit the wanderlust under us: Maple View Farms, Hillsborough Hog Days, Our First Visit to the First Family's Digs, and the big move out of the Rental.

...July banished us mostly to the Outerbanks except when we were hiking the Eno River, dancing at Saxapahaw, and painting the Cottage.

...we beached it most of August, too but also started a new school (Sethro) and a new job (Dr. Gooch)?

...September took us outside as much as it possibly could.   While there, we planted a garden at the CC, found unusual creepy crawlies, rigged up a backyard water park, and waged war on the roaches.

...October could have been the busiest month of the twelve, what with Halloween to observe, the annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner, saying "goodbye" to one of the Four Oaks, and "hello" to frosty Grandfather Mountain.  Plus I entered stage two of my haircutting saga.

...we had our first relatives stay overnight?  They came to eat.  November meant food: harvest from the garden, chocolate cake for Hazel's third year of life, and turkey, too.

...December came to an end?  Wow, it's not even over and I remember the spelling bee, an art show, a pixie coiff, a solo jaunt to Philly, beets, a wreath, a tree...who knows what the next/last two days of the month will bring.  They're sure to be bright.  Our sights are set high for "Oh Ten!"

Happy New Year!

See You Next Decade!


Jessica said...

What a great review of the year!

Sparklebot said...

I love the picture of your husband holding three kids while heading to the beach.

Carol said...

Jordan, I LOVE this idea. I think I may copy you...hope that's ok. BTW, I DO remember all of those things...ohhh the farmhouse that brought so much heartache...

Jessica said...

What a year! Can't wait to see what 2010 brings. :)

Ingrid said...

We hope 2010 brings another trip to us from you, or from us to you. :)

Will said...

That has been quite a year. Glad you're settled, but bummed we missed the party!