Friday, December 04, 2009

My Husband is Missing...

And this is the only clue I could find.  What does this mean?  And should I worry?  The names of various countries in lists put into groups?  Then some groups crossed off?  It is all so confusing.  And this little piece of evidence is just the beginning.  There's the weird behavioral patterns.   Is he planning something?  To take over the world maybe?

No.  It's the world cup ya'll.  And IT takes over our world.  World Cup Draw '09 was today.  The actual event takes place this summer.  We may have to get a TV.  Oh, and cable.  And an ottoman.  This happens every four years--this surrendering of my one true love to the world of Pele and Penalty kicks.  His one true love is soccer (at least it's not every year).


felicia said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while, found it through Nie Nie Dialogues- and I really enjoy it, especially your picture taking- I have 2 questions if you dont mind me asking...1. What type of camera/photoshop do you use, and 2. Do you really not have a TV? How is it? Liberating, Im sure-

PS- I love the wreath!

This is me said...

Jordan, I feel your pain. The second I saw the picture of that list, I knew what it meant. This summer, I expect a lot of frantic text messaging and phone calls between your husband and mine. Just know that I am on the other side of the line, and I understand completely.

Your sister in soccer-widowhood,

Jordan said...


Glad to meet you!! I use a Canon PowerShot Digital Elph (read: nothing fancy at all). And I do all my editing through iphoto on my Mac or Picasa (for the collages). Yeah, we keep it pretty simple.

And yes we really do not have a TV (but we have a DVD player in the car!) We "kicked it to the curb" back in July and I haven't missed it at all.

Melanie Anne said...

I think I have left a comment before--but I love your little blog! I love your pictures and the way you put words together! I think it is amazing that you don't have a TV. There are days when I wish i could get rid of ours too! I don't know if I told you that I did a teacher appreciation dinner after I read about yours. Such a great idea! We loved it! Anyway--just saying HI!

Jen said...

I have the same kind of scrape taped on my husbands bedside. We dont have tv either so he spends a lot of time searching the internet for clips and such. So romantic.