Friday, December 04, 2009

Have I Really Been Blogging for Four Years?

On my way home from book club I stopped at the Target for the "Pacifier Fairy" (plus I needed cash for the sitter).

Earlier, Hazel barfed her whole blue Icee and her ham and cheese and banana dinner (which she--understandably now--reluctantly ate) soon after she crawled into bed.  She's our most responsible child to date and so of course and gratefully did the deed in the toilet.  Then, to add insult to injury, I reminded her that we would be hanging the little baggie of pacifiers on her bedroom door tonight for the Pacifier Fairy to take away to PacifierLand.  Of course she was perturbed and a little weepy at the thought of not having those plastic germ fest devices to keep her company under her comforter.  She even said, "What will I do with myself?"  Well, at least the fairy leaves you a present, I lamely consoled.

Seth, our first, went through the same ordeal 3 1/2 years ago and still goes with it.  He commented, "There must be TONS of pacifiers in PacifierLand.  Like a mountain."  And I watched him imagining the Everest of Binkies.  Awesome.  He also fiercely believes in Santa.  I don't think I ever did.  Mom?  I digress.

So, the gift awaits the awakening of a brave girl who took a step into the dark tonight.

On a joyfuller note: I finally finished the wreath.  Let Christmas commence!

*Edit*  The wreath was a MS idea.  And in true MS fashion, it was la.bor.intens.ive, which is funny because her description includes the phrase, "the is one of the easiest wreaths we've ever made."  For a "how to" go HERE.


Gina said...

What an AWESOME wreath! How creative. I think you're just amazing. Really.

Ann said...

It turned out great Jord! Good ribbon choice.

k a t y said...

I love it!

I'm not a wreath person, but truly, it's great.

And for not being a wreath person, I bought my very first one yesterday--it's live. It's a wreath of growing succulents and Ryan put it on the inside so we could enjoy it.

merathon said...

the wreath turned out so amazing! now i know what to do next year with all those gumballs that i spend hours picking up and cursing in our backyard! how did you make it?

Kurt Knudsen said...

Give Haze a hug from Grampa for being so brave and giving up her pacifiers.

TX Girl said...

Wow- it looks labor intensive. Martha- she is nothing but a giant liar. I think it is to make all of us feel inferior or something. So glad you took the challenge. Love the ribbon.

Tracy said...

Too bad there's no thumb land. We've never had a pacifier problem, just three very devoted thumb suckers.

sara b said...

What will Hazel do with herself?

That wreath! So great.

My kids call those "pokies" and collect them on the walk home from school.
Then I toss them before we enter the apartment.

Dang! Should have been storing them all along so I too could have such a wreath.

Rebecca said...

Jordan, your wreath is wonderful! Love it! Kiss Hazel for me.

Jessica said...