Monday, December 07, 2009

Dear Costco,

Thank you.  First, of course, for the obvious: keeping the rascals occupied with samples.  I especially like to stop and listen when the Smoothie Machine Demonstrator is there with his headphone-microphone.  Who would have thought something so mouthwateringly delicious had a chunk of cabbage blended into it?

Also, thank you for not tempting my at all with your toy selection.  Thank you for your rotisserie chicken for 4.99.  It makes a great chicken salad or noodle soup.  Thank you for your discount books.  Thank you for providing me with holiday stamps for cheaper than even the USPS can offer!  And, around this time of year, I'm most grateful for the "Gingerbread House Kit" that takes ALL the stress out of this particular obligatory activity.


PS  My sticky kiddies thank you, too.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Seoul has Costco too. But their rotisserie chicken is much much much
more than than 4.99. And no gingerbread houses.

k a t y said...

I was just going to do a Costco post! It boosts a gal's self-confidence when the toothbrush lady compliments my boots, the hotdog lady tells me I smell SOOOO good, and the fudge guy tells me he likes my dress, even after I tell him I don't like fudge. said...

Its only too true :D

Rebekah V. said...

I think I need to go to costco and get a gingerbread house. I can check it off the list. woot woot.

susan said...

Costco is a delightful place for me. I also like it for its cheap flowers for boosting the dining room table. I could write and ode to Target as well.


Jason Acosta said...

i also love the chicken-roasted-bird special. my fav-o-rite:

pizza crust (i like the rhodes brand bread, from the frozen section)
rotisserrie chicken meat
purple onion
your favorite BBQ sauce
pineapple chunks
your favorite 'sgetti sauce

1. first, roll out and allow the crust to rise.
2. sautee sliced purple onion in smart balance, and just before sautee is finished, add some BBQ sauce and continue to cook for 1 minute, and them remove from heat.
3. dress the pizza with chicken chunks, pineappele, onion, and cheese. i like a thick mozzarella base plus a fine sprinkle of parmesean topped of with garlic salt.
4. oven at 400 ish for 20 min or until pizza looks too good to resist.
5. enjoy BBq chicken hawaiianish pizza.

also goes well with bacon bits or in a calzone. instead of pizza, just fold over, top with 1 beaten egg, parmasean, garlic salt, parsesly flakes (for color) and viola! BBQ chicken hawaiianish calzone.

Jen said...

I am especially thankful for the large carts! I can keep everyone in the cart and wander. It feels like a mini-vac.

Trainer Momma said...

yea for the premade gingerbread houses. They have saved me BIG time in the past few years. I'll never go back!