Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday...the twelth?

It seems like it has been raining forever.  I am ready for some sunshine like the kind we had last weekend.  Our roof is leaking, lights are blowing out all over the house, faucet knobs are breaking loose, and our flower bulbs are drowning in Hurricane Ida's leftovers.  They say tomorrow (Friday the 13th) is more of the same.  We've stocked up on hot chocolate, moved the loveseat into the girls' room for a reading nook, and made a batch of cookie dough for some decorating after dinner tomorrow.  These efforts and some sunny snaps from Sunday should help us weather the storm.


Rebecca said...

So THAT is why it is so green there! I wondered.

Kurt Knudsen said...

can't wait to hear what happens on

Ingrid said...

I sure hope you got some sort of home warranty to cover that leak!!! I am so sorry! On a brighter note, you live amongst great beauty. (your family and your ambience)

k a t y said...

You're a good mom--you know, the cookies.

Who's the ghost child?