Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Survived

We didn't quite make it to the beach.  Only as far as Charlotte's crown jewel, IKEA.  Today's visit to our favorite Scandinavian Super Store isn't worth talking about at all exept for the moment when we shared a Lingonberry drink and Lucy and Hazel hogged the potato chips, Seth said, as serious as he has ever been,

"I want new sisters."

We finally made it home just in time to prescribe frozen yogurt for sore throats and a eucalyptus bath for shared sniffles before bed.  After the "undesirable sisters" were tucked away snug, Seth, who has been staying up later, asked,

"Why do Santa and Jesus know everything?"  He didn't let me delve too deeply into that before he was sidetracked listing off what he wants for Christmas: (I took note)

a toy lighthouse
a new scooter, like Lucy's, except it sparks
a gingerbread house kit
a toy speedboat

Then he drew a picture of the boat to show me what it looked like in his head.

We miss the Dad, but we're doing all right.  If we can just change Seth's mind about his sisters.

This one didn't end up making the flight to Louisiana with her biggest fan.  Hopefully, this means Dr. Gooch will have a true vacation (the kind you used to have before the kids came).  You know.


Ann said...

Feel well soon!

That last photo hurts to look at.

Melissa said...

Wait, when do YOU get a real vacation? Did you call one of Your Guys to change the locks before he gets back as punishment for leaving you with four sick kids while he has a pre-kidlike vacation? And my imagination is running amok -- what is at IKEA that was needed enough to drag four sick kids out on your own? Were they giving away money??? Swedish money??? I'll have to check my local IKEA to see if we get the same gig here in Phoenix. Did you change the subtitle of your blog? It says "The Still in the Spinning" but I think it used to read "Still in the Spinning." Am I right? Man, I need to stop drinking those peppermint espressos this close to bedtime.

merathon said...

i keep meaning to get back over to our Charlotte IKEA, but that look on your daughter's face is exactly why i haven't done it in a while! did they have anything great to make it worth my trip?

Kurt Knudsen said...

I hope Seth gets his scooter AND toy lighthouse to make up for no new sisters.

Rebecca said...

I hope it was worth getting out. The look on Avery's face make me wonder!
But you made it through. I am sure Seth will change his mind about his sisters. One day.

Jordan said...

Melissa. Nope, Dr. Gooch deserved every bit of time away from the loves of his life. I can always find something at IKEA. They weren't giving away free money, but free child care? Yes. At the tail end of our sickies we were ready for a day out of the house. And, nope, didn't change the subtitle. Here is still where you can find "the still in (my) spinning". (: