Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kicking It Off in the Kitchen!

I got out of bed this morning (still so grateful for a functioning epiglotis) and went straight into the attic.  I needed something to motivate me in the kitchen today.  I found it tucked beneath the tree skirt: our 8-year collection of Christmas Music!

And to get start the kids off on the right note we dug out another holiday collection: my Christmas cookie sprinkles.  We used them to top their oatmeal.  Snowflakes, red and green balls, mini gingerbread men, little trees, and tiny candy canes adorned that mushy goodness at the breakfast table.

Lucy, to me, as I cooked the oatmeal: "When you say 'sprinkles', I just want to die!!"
Me, stunned:  "Why?"
Lucy, with a twirl and throwing her arms up in the air: "Because, sprinkles make me so happy! I just feel like I'm in Paris!"

Is she my daughter or is she my daughter?  Although, I think she was going for "paradise" not "Paris".

Wishing you all happy preparations in your kitchens far and wide.


Jessica Womble said...

Paris could be paradise. Although I've never been there.

rebecca said...

Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

Rebecca said...

AH LUCY! She is her mother's daughter.

Ingrid said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Lucy sure is a special one (like her Mama).

LJ said...

yep, i busted out my christmas music this morning, too! first up: Sarah McLachlan's "Wintersong". i love that cd. happy thanksgiving!