Friday, November 06, 2009

I Want To Go To There

photo taken by Dr. Gooch this past summer during our Outer Banks Sabbatical
We're sick.  All five of us (except Dr. Gooch, he has been spared, his immunity is ultra boosted due to the hostile environment in which he works).  Also, we are fatherless all weekend (except Miss Avery who will be traveling with her father further South).  Church is out.  So is any sort of social interaction (aka, other adults to talk to).

I'm thinking *beach escape*.  It's only a few hours away.  I'll let you know how it goes. Also, no cooking or dirtying of the kitchen of any kind (except watercoloring).  I can't smell anyway.  How can I cook when I can't smell?  Watercoloring on the beach?


Kurt Knudsen said...

Gritty art. It's good!

BRENTandROBIN said...

Thanks for sending two of your favorite people our way. We'll miss you guys;(

Ingrid said...

Tell Dr. Gooch that if we're on his stop on by!