Monday, November 02, 2009


Dear Hazel,

You were five days late.  I was hoping to celebrate Halloween in the hospital but you weren't ready quite yet.  Our biggest baby at nearly 9 pounds you were our only surprise!  We didn't know if we'd have a brother or a sister for Seth and Lucy.  It didn't matter to Seth, he fell in love with you immediately and you two still have a special bond.  You and he are known to have quite extensive WWF matches on the rug after the evening's bath--the soundtrack of which is a continuous stream of laughter from both corners of the ring.  And the next moment you are spinning in dazzling princess attire with Lucy.  What versatility!

Yesterday you came down with a fever in the afternoon.  Feeling rotten and hanging around the toilet you were worried you would throw up on your cake and presents today and it would ruin everything.  I am certain, with your strong will, that nothing will interfere with such a celebration.  You requested cake with a pink flower on it and pink presents.  We'll do our best to comply.

You are at the age right now that leaves your parents at a loss.  You won't take "no" for an answer and your determination floors us.  From that position, we still love to watch the unusual tenderness you show for us and  your fellow rascals.  You call people "Sweetie" and still love to be picked up and hugged and kissed on-even though you are getting so big and grown up.

You love yogurt and cereal and a bite of whatever everyone else is having.  You have the boomingest voice of all your siblings and love to use it for both shouting and singing.  You are so smart and love to show how much you know by chatting with strangers in Harris Teeter, the guys working on the yard or fence, the UPS man, and anyone with ears, really.  You have your father's charm.

You insist, lately, that everyone call you Hazelnut (thanks to your buddy Mac) and of course they all comply.  Yesterday, after church we all sat on your brother Seth's bed eating Halloween candy.  You plopped down in the middle of it all, leaned back on your hands and said, "So, how's it goin' you guys."

I love my three-year-old teenager.  Happy Birthday, to the Third turning Three!



k a t y said...

I know one ought not to have a favorite child, but how about a favorite child of someone else........?

Happy birthday Hazelnut!

Ann said...

I'm with Katy. Happy birthday Hazelnut!

Kurt Knudsen said...


Rebecca said...

Happy B-day HAZELNUT!

Jessica Womble said...

Happy Birthday Hazel! :)

sara b said...

I love sharing a bite with Hazel.
And many have we shared.
Her perched on my lap, mouth open ready for the your kitchen, in my kitchen, at the beach.

Just love her. As do all the Batos.
We are fond of Hazelnut around here.

Happy Birthday to you!

Tracy said...

If I didn't know you were describing your third, I'd swear you were describing mine! She sounds just like my Stephen in so many ways. She's a cutie.

michelle said...

Hazelnut. That might be the best nickname ever.