Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dear Dr. Gooch,

We kept the camera handy all day. Summer came back for a spell and we spent most of it outside. A few things: the neighbors called to warn you about the Voles--they might eat your bulbs.  Hazel somehow wore that pink sparkly headband all day.  Lucy brought the cricket inside.  I rearranged a few things (you're not surprised).  Avery fell down some steps, but is fine.  Lucy poked Seth in the neck with a stick, but he's fine.  Mostly, it was no work, all play--just your kind of day.  Here is what you missed while we missed you...

nearly always includes painting/drawing

a little post-meal math

the paperwhites making progress

Seth's sweet new setup

the scooter club meeting at the "gazebo"

leaves, leaves, and more leaves

peeking at napping (or not napping) Aves through the screen porch window

sunshiney diaper change

sunshiney snuggling

"mom, dad says we can climb as high as we want!"

this light through this Japanese Maple

this awesome soccer kick

this tired Mama and ONE of her leaf piles

Rascal-powered Swing Train

Snack time at the gazebo

Unsanctioned snack time at Seth's "bed" (the dregs of his Halloween stash)


catching crickets

lounging on the screened porch

a second go on the swings

the just-built bridge into Chatam County and the quirky quartet (note: Lucy's second color-coordinated outfit this week)

a bit of tenderness mustered by S and L to help Hazel along (trail too long, legs too short) and my favorite part of the day

one boy's haircut by moi

the girls in the bath (Avery already cribbed and thumb-plugged)

the children begged me to save the sink full of dishes for you

night night

The Head Rascal and our Four


Kurt Knudsen said...

WHEW! Glad I'm the grampa and not the parent. Great documentation of a really BIG DAY!

Katrina said...

what a sweet post. love all the pics. and i can't believe how big Avery is these days!

michelle said...

Whew! That really captures so much, Jordan! (And what a gorgeous picture of paperwhites!)

Ann said...

Your a good mom, Jord!

I loved the train swing pic.

The Comeaux Family said...

This post is just one of the many reasons I love reading your blog-your photographs. (I love your writing, as well.) Evie and I really enjoyed looking through the images of your weekend with your children. We are envious of the fun!

TX Girl said...

Loved a look at your weekend. I so, so, so, need to plant my paperwhites.

Jessica Womble said...

What a fun weekend. Is it time to plant paperwhites and amarylis already? If so, we need to! :)

k a t y said...

Sheesh! That wore me out.

sara b said...

So glad you kept your camera close all day.

I am impressed.
You trying to win Mother of the Year or sumthin?

I didn't see one pic of the kids watching a movie.
You are good.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome. and challenging.
i only know 2 other moms who are
that present and involved all day
long. so important. so good.

Jessica said... aren't supposed to make being a single mom look so beautiful, adventurous, and easy! We passed your Ikea and even your Durham...sad to have not seen you and yours.

rebecca said...

Love the sunshine snuggles.
How lovely of you to give him a "real" vacation.

Kelly said...

I was just enjoying your pictures, and then the ones of Avery on the steps just stopped me in my tracks. When did she turn into a kid? Anyway, it looks like life is just charming at your house -- lucky 4 rascals to be yours.

abby said...

your life seems so lovely.