Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Chaos Factor

Here is the hypothesis (at least today's hypothesis):

a.  Each human being has a certain level of chaos they are wired to tolerate.
b.  It is the same for every human being.

Here is how the humans differ:

a. Some people are born clear of chaos with a clean slate ready to take on the world like champs. These people are often teachers, event coordinators, restauranteurs.  They are around you.  You know them.

b.  Some people are born with their own complete matching set of silver-plated chaos.  It's clean, but it's there and it takes up space.  These people are often artists or writers or postal workers.  They have to have somewhere to put the spill-over.  In paint, words, or thoughts on a route because they can't fit the superfluous chaos collected along the way.  It's messy.

Here's the conclusion:

a.  Both sets make good mothers.  The children of the first "take in stride" the conveyor belt of existence as it pass by or under.  They are methodical mothers always ready with gentle words and mashed potatoes.

a.  The children of the second are fighters with fathom-like love.  They are maniacal mothers who provide a place for great healing and rich, varied experience.

I'm not sure which one I am but I have weighty suspicions.  One is not better than the other, both are powerful and necessary.  One is a ferris wheel and one a rollercoaster.

*pictures taken by Dr. Gooch during a revisit of the trail.  Except the funny dog sign picture--that was by me.


Ingrid said...

I've seen your mothering firsthand...I think you are a good mix of both.

Katrina said...

I love that dog sign picture! Not sure if this is the same trail, but I have a picture of that (or one like it) sign too!

The Original Mangums said...

I don't know what I am, but it sounds like I don't fit. The children are having a great time, you two are great parents; always doing something fun with the Rascals!!!

Tracy said...

You look a lot like Seth in that picture...or rather, I can see who Seth gets his looks from. I'm not sure I've ever noticed the strong resemblance between you and him before.

Kurt Knudsen said...


Rebecca said...

Too much chaos (in answer to the above question). You will have me thinking for some time. I have a feeling we are heading for that rollercoaster because, really it is much more fun than the ferris wheel, don't you think?

Ann said...

For me, I think it depends on life's current situation--we can fall under both.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Uhh, I think I'll hang HERE for a while! You, your kids, and your hair are adorable! Only problem is, now I want to go chop my hair even shorter- and we both know that will not be a good look for a chubby pregnant girl. What to do now!?

sara b said...

Numero Dos!
Fo Sho.

But I wish I was a ferris wheel full of mashed potatoes.

LJ said...

hmmm, this made me think.
I don't think that it's possible for humans to neatly fall into two categories (even at our most basic female and male level there seem to be a whole spectrum of possibilities). So, maybe your hypothesis is based on the assumption that some people have it figured out or can manage motherhood easier? I think that's an assumption that may need to be challenged. I hope I'm not stepping on your toes, here,--it's just that before I was a mom, I was a teacher and people often think that I have it so together and that I'm in control all the time when in fact I'm struggling to balance all of life's wonderful complexities just as much as the next person.
Thanks for making me think!

The Nguyen Family said...
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The Nguyen Family said...
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