Monday, October 26, 2009

An Evening With Educators

Craig and Avery fetching dessert from the fridge and the state in which the kitchen found itself at that point

the Guests and their Mini Hosts

Pumpkin Mousse

When Dr. Gooch learned I would be serving pork tenderloin over a bed of baby spinach dressed in white wine vinegar, warm olive oil and toasted walnuts, he warned, "Make sure no one is Jewish!!"  I shooed away his comment too busy whisking the mousse and picking out pomegranate seeds for the orange/pineapple fruit salad topped with lime and toasted unsweetened coconut.  And cleaning up the house and wiping down the toilets that might be used by the guests, and prodding the children to clean their rooms, which would surely be shown to their respective teachers...and...and...well, I should have listened to Dr. Gooch.

Seth listened though.  He must have overheard our short conversation.  As I pulled the pork from the oven he stood near with his chin propped on the edge of the counter top, "Mom, is that pork?  But, what if I'm Jewish?"

"Seth, you aren't Jewish."

Still wanting to cover all his bases he added, "What if the pork is Jewish?"

Well, neither my son nor the main dish for the evening's Teacher Appreciation Dinner are Jewish, but as it turns out Seth's first grade teacher is!  So, the evening got off to a bumpy start as I served bare spinach and walnuts with a side of apology to Ms. Marciano--who was forgiving and gracious through the whole fiasco.

The evening was a delight for the children.  The meal began with a prayer over the food by Hazel who is nearly three. "Bless Ms. Marciano, and Ms. Barnett, and Brenda, and Julie..."  The crowd insisted we had rehearsed such a prayer with her.  Yes, while Craig sopped up a soggy post-bath floor and wrestled the children into decency before their arrival I coached Hazel on spot-on name memorization while boiling pasta and lighting candles.  Though, Julie (one of Lucy's three preschool teachers) hadn't arrived yet, so Hazel apologized to Mary Jo whom she had omitted from her "blessing" and said, standing up on her chair to make sure she was heard, "Oh, I thought you were Julie!!"

I didn't even think to snap any photos of the lovely place settings until napkins were crumpled and silverware soiled.  Next year I'll be more prepared (and more Kosher).


Rebecca said...

I am sure Ms Marciano was pleased as punch for the yummy spinach! Looks lovely.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Whew! & Wow!

k a t y said...

That's one advantage of going to a Christian school :)

Looks fab, Jord.

TX Girl said...

That Craig is always thinking!

Will you email me the pumpkin mousse- it looks divine.

Panooch said...

Lovely story!

Ann said...

That Hazel!

The photo of your kitchen reminded me of mom's kitchen after a big dinner with guests.

You are impressive Jord!

Ingrid said...

Impressive, once again, Ms. Jordan! Could you also send me the pumpkin mousse recipe?

Carol said...

The picture of your kitchen is fabulous...all that hard work! What a feat!!!

madsta said...

u r so cool, if we did this with our teachers they would a, laugh, and b, report us and c, laugh i think its lovely!

madsta said...

u r so cool, if we did this with our teachers they would a, laugh, and b, report us and c, laugh i think its lovely!

Anonymous said...

I hope she liked spinach, but even if you love it, it's not very filling. I wonder if she passed by a Taco Bell on her drive home, poor thing! You must have been mortified. I would have felt TERRIBLE!