Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shiny Teeth and a Shiny Basement

Seth playin' it cool at the dentist--no cavities for he and his sister, Uncle Scotty!

This morning as I was preparing Seth's fried eggs--not runny--he got out a college ruled sheet of paper and a pencil and made this request,

"Mom. I'll write it down, you tell me how many days we're going to be in this house."
"Well, Seth, we'll be in this house for awhile. Like years."
Pause, went to get his shoes on. I plated the eggs.
"Wull, Mom, I think we should just stay here five months."
"Why? Don't you like this house?"
"It isn't big enough."
"Seth, this house is really big (2900 square feet to be exact). Big enough for our family"
"But, the basement needs to be...shinier, with some rugs maybe and shelves for stuff."
In order to wrap up the conversation--not because I wasn't enjoying it but there were two school bells to beat--I suggested this,

"Why don't you draw up some plans for the basement on your paper and I'll take a look at them."

The rest is a blur of book bags, seat belts and lunch sacks--so we'll see what the consulting architect comes up with. In the meantime, the only plans for the basement are to plug up the holes through which the bugs seem to be squeezing.


Ann said...

Doesn't it make you wonder what is going through their minds? That Seth is a thinker.

Jessica Womble said...

Hey Jordan! I have a question for you. We are thinking of switching to cloth diapers to save money and the enviroment. But there are so many different kinds out there it is overwhelming. I remember you did a post about g-diapers awhile ago. Do you still use them? If so do you like them? I looked at the website at their starter kit. But we don't really understand the whole liner thing. If you could please help us we would greatly appreciate it.
Also, do you know of good sippy cups that don't leak?
If it's easier you can just e-mail me at

Thanks! :)

Kurt Knudsen said...

can't wait to see Seth's plans on paper.

The Original Mangums said...

He is someone SPECIAL!