Wednesday, September 23, 2009


beach photo by sara b

Right now she is standing next to me watching, wondering, tinkering with the things on the desk. The other night she was coughing in her sleep. It was too late for us to be awake. I told him I would go check on her.

We had had a extraordinarily abrasive day. She and I. Guilt is buoyant and it floated my emotions right to the top.

A light kiss on her cheek must have been enough to wake her. A cool, soft arm slid around my neck.

"I love you."

More coughs slipped out and then she sighed,

Pulling her nightshirt up to cover her lips, "Teacher says you can cough here" (she demonstrated) "or in your elbow, like this, [cough cough]".

Hilarious and heartbreaking. But the humor dissolved my hubris. And I wept and I crept into bed, and finally slept.


Polly said...

Ever thought of doing a food blog? I would love some of your recipes?

Christine said...

I know you have a doctor in the house, but my Lucy and I had a day like that. Two days later she tested positive for H1N1. Neither her cough nor her fever were ever really bad, but that's what it was.

k a t y said...

She's your hot&cold one. They're fun, but exhausting.