Monday, September 07, 2009


my gorgeous sister and her charming family (and my Seth) on the ferry to Okracoke

I'm sure our neighbors and fellow members of our church's congregation (and maybe even the mailman and...all "my guys") are wondering where the Goochmans go every weekend. We made those skinny little islands on the coast of North Carolina our home and enjoyed some beloved visitors.

Isn't it obvious? We're avoiding it. The end of summer and the start of schedules. Well, we're giving in to it now with thoughts of Halloween and Turkey to comfort us. We bid farewell to the beach and the Outer Banks Hospital, where Dr. Gooch spent several weeks rescuing victims of some too-rough waves (not to mention a few too-intoxicated vacationers).

Tasks now at hand:

flowers in the vases
sprinklers in the front yard
install the front gate
reinstate farmer's market visits
restock the fridge
store the suitcases and toiletry bags (at least for now)
ready the guestroom
sleep in my own bed


sara b said...

What a way to end your summer. Thanks for letting us be some of your visitors. It was such a delight.

Now get home to your "guys" and yes....ready the guest room because I am coming, and if you are lucky I'll bring my inserts with me.

Kurt Knudsen said...

welcome home

Ann said...

Thanks for the wonderful time! We miss you already!