Monday, August 24, 2009

This. Beach.

We drive off the ferry. The car is packed to head home. The children buckled, dry, and fed. We want to catch a quick glimpse of the Okracoke lighthouse, but then we need to get back to the Cicada Cottage. Back to school. We zoom between dunes on either side of us. They are covered in Uniola Paniculata--sea oat grass. It grows along the East coast and in the Caribbean. It is protected. But, though I love these grassy dunes, I want a peak at these more secluded beaches. We pull to the side of the road.

The rascals unfasten and tear up the dunes before I can say, "Stay out of the water!" But, I say it anyway and then...there it is. Our beach. So much beach between the grassy barrier that blocked our view from the highway and the clear lapping water. So clear. So smooth. A soft undertow. A varied selection of shells. Miles of just beach (and two fisherman/woman). It was so romantic I kissed Dr. Gooch. He liked the beach, too.

We'll be back, and if you ever join us in the Outer Banks, we'll take you there, too.


Rebecca said...

Those are beautiful pixs and I love your new header! Very creative.

Jessica said...

Ditto on the header. Let's go to the beach, now! Actually, I think we are headed to the beach in September. I can't wait.

Ann said...

Can't wait!