Wednesday, August 05, 2009

There's A Boy In The Guest Bedroom!!

But just until we can finish painting his...

That bedding belongs to the boy, though.

Seth: (as I stuffed the comforter into his new duvet cover) What city is this?
Me: Why, it's Seth City, of course!
Seth: (noticing the circular road in the center of the circular skyline) Well, how do you get out of this city?
Me: You can't!! You can never get out of Seth city--until you wake up, of course!
Seth: (just smiles and reclines on a skyscraper, kicking his feet up in the financial district)

Now, what to do with those blank bead board walls with 7 coats of misty gray (aka, white) on them
*Post-published edit* It looks like it got too hot in the city last night!


k a t y said...

OH, I love it! The room, the conversation, the boy!

michelle said...

The duvet cover is fabulous!

Kurt Knudsen said...

perfect bed for a budding architect!
sweet dreams seth.

Ann said...

I LOVED reading this today.

Ingrid said...

Where did you find such fabulous bedding? You always have the best finds, Jordan!