Friday, August 14, 2009

Sundaes on Thursday at CC

Yesterday marked one month since the start of life at Cicada Cottage. We subconsciously celebrated when Dr. Gooch brought home all the fixins' for banana splits. Complete with fresh whipped cream and cherries.

The house stands alone and seems to have anchored us as a family unit in a subtle way, but here are some of the "toppings" that have sweetened the deal:

walks on the rain-darkened gravel paths through the garden
watching the gate being built for the circle drive
catching bees and butterflies in our nets
sipping limonata on the front porch and hearing three rascals disappear into an acre
Dr. Gooch mowing the lawn
our manual inside/outside exhaust fan in the kitchen (when the okra fries)
watching my man try to electrify our manual garage door
sunsets over the crepe myrtle
Whirlpool baths below the skylight
painting dates with the doc nearly every night
coming HOME from wherever we've been
and...the cherry on top? VISITORS!


Jessica said...

Glad you are so happy at cc!

Tasha said...

I so want to come! I just need to find the time, and the cash-ola... Lets chat soon- ok?

Kurt Knudsen said...

like the photo angle.

michelle said...

Wonderful bird's eye view shot!!

Ann said...

Such a happy moment(s)!