Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Few Friends

Came to the Cottage for some potage. They had each in turn taken the rascals off our hands during the "big move". We thanked them with the following menu:

Appetizer: Sweet Red Pepper and Beet Soup (served cold) with Goat Cheese and Cracked Pepper

Palette Cleanser: Peppermint Orange Cream Popsicles

Salad: Butter Beans, Fresh Corn, Fried Okra served on a bed of Arugula and Spinach with white wine vinaigrette.

Main Course: Cod en Papillote with Red Potatoes, Tomato, and Basil

Dessert: Lavender Creme Brulee


Kurt Knudsen said...


Ingrid said...

Jordan, You really ought to start a restaurant one day! You are one truly gifted culinary artist!

shawna b. said...

Jordan, wow.

That's all I can say.


And YUM!

Jessica said...

Wait, you didn't just order a couple of Domino's pizzas and have everyone share a six pack of gatorade? How thoughtful of you! After a meal like that--I'm sure people will be begging for chances to watch the kids. If that is the case, let's take a trip to Nantucket with our husbands.

Ann said...

Lucky friends of yours!

Jenny said...

Now that is a dinner party ANYONE would love to attend. Gorgeous!

TX Girl said...

Recipes please!

michelle said...

Just one in a long string of menus that make me want to come eat at your house!