Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Finest

We drove South on the 12 this afternoon to view this beauty. Bodie Lighthouse (pronounced "body"). Just prior to this we stopped off at a particularly wild and windy beach. I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite shots of the day.
Avery discovered the endless interesting properties of sand for the first time, yet could not understand why her efforts to wipe it off via her face were in vain.

A rare candid of my boy. Man, Dr. Gooch and I made one handsome kid!

I love how the shadows and late afternoon light accentuate her calf muscles here (formed from excessive amounts of tip-toeing).

Dr. Gooch insisted on photographing this windblown moment (yes, we are still having bang issues). He likes to capture me when I'm at my finest.

And, I like to capture him, when he is at his.

You can't see it in the photo, but the wind is whipping up over the dunes stinging those little leg chubs.

I don't know why, but I had these delusions that this trip to the coast was going to be a relaxing one for me. Much deserved, too. I've been putting in far too many harried hours of parenting smashed between the unpacking, reorganizing, painting, cleaning, and cobweb swiping (and roach killing). I guess I was overdue for my wake up call (usually occurs every 28 days or so). More like a wake up slap, lately. So, I've learned these things (again):

1. Life is not meant for relaxation
2. I don't deserve anything
3. Less harried, more deliberate living
4. Work less, because no one really cares or notices how much work you've done.
5. Get down on the wood. Seth said this once when he was only three years old. He meant for me to get down on our wood floor so I could more easily play with him and his matchbox cars.

I like these images of our day today, because we don't "sit pretty" and it's obvious in most of these photos. We are awkward and sweaty. The breeze stings us and gets grit in our eyes instead of gracefully sweeping a sexy swoop of hair across our brow. Most of us are even too weak (or small) to walk back to the car on our own. Yet, we're at our finest here. Together.


merathon said...

LOVE the picture of the doctor carrying the kids. get thee to a frame shop!

Kurt Knudsen said...

I second the vote on "frame Craig carrying the crowd".
Seth's "get down on the wood" is fit for a novel.
Thanks for writing your thoughts and shooting the sights.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Jordan. Perfect. Thank you.

Jessica said...

No doubt that Craig shot with the kids is awesome! I still think you make bangs sexy.

Ingrid said...

I love that pic of Craig...definitely frameworthy. Yours too...bangs and all!

shawna b. said...

We LOVE Bodie Island! Oh, Jordan. I miss the ocean and the beach and lighthouses. Although they were a few hours south from our Charlottesville home, I like knowing they were there and that we could get to them. Now they feel so far away. Soak them up!

You really are at your finest together, my friends.

michelle said...

I love this post, Jordan. Your list is a perfect reminder for me, just what I need to revisit.

Ann Dee said...

Well said.