Monday, July 27, 2009

Hatteras and Homesick

Seth (at breakfast): Aren't we going to the lighthouse that you can climb up today?
Me: Yes!

And climb we did. We three were over 42 inches tall so we left the shorties with their Dad and climbed the tallest lighthouse in America. Which took 23 days to drag across the sand in 1999 to save it from falling into the ocean. We're so glad they saved it. Seth counted 30 steps between each window where we would stop to check our height. On one side was the Atlantic, on the other the Pamilco Sound.

Seth: We have ocean all around us!

We'll be back next month for more exploring. For now, there's a cozy little unnamed Cottage waiting for us at home. It's kind of like when you open your gifts Christmas morning, then you have to leave them behind to go to the cousins' party up in Salt Lake...there's a certain ache to return back to them. Even if here, the gifts are a garden unweeded and boxes unpacked.

**PS I'm not sure how that last entry snuck into my vacation posts--it must have been a stray, published last week sometime. It was nice to see my lovely gray wall again.


Kurt Knudsen said...

like the black, white and red photos.

Ann said...

How fun. Your kiddos are growing up fast!