Sunday, July 12, 2009

At Home, Together

Seth observes, "Mom! We could do everything in the new house that we do in the old house. Like, make oatmeal, sleep...."

It's true, we're getting closer. Three more days of "home limbo" where we sleep at one place and eat at the other. Just a bit more painting (like three rooms) and scrubbing and we'll be move-in ready.

Today, though, none of that. Just spending the afternoon at the house. Arranging tracks in the living room, toddling circles through unfamiliar doorways, placing teacups on display, and riding our scooters down the "swoop" from basement to garage--these were the tasks at hand. A day of rest--debatable. A day of new discoveries--indubitable:

The girls next door
their swing set offered to our littles
First firefly caught
Skeeter eaters!!
Naps upstairs.
Kitchen window-framed sunset
Rice Krispies for dinner on a cardboard box table
Raspberry vines
Home love


Rebecca said...

Love the kitchen!

Kurt Knudsen said...

a contented clan!

Ann said...

This was such a pleasant post to read this morning. Don't you love life and it's happy changes?

Kelly and Kelly said...

I love reading this! Your new house is so great!

Jennifer said...

I'm loving the color on the walls in the first picture!

Ashley Thalman said...

Basically, I love the whole house. It is so pretty and I am so happy for you.

Jessica said...

I can't wait for more!

Natalie said...

What a lovely new home! How exciting!

shawna b. said...

I am in love with your cottage. Such charm! I am very much into gray walls myself.

Thank you for your poems ... "such form, still" - definitely true! I wonder how many will be created in your writer's nook?

Happy moving in time! Would it be all right if I came by soon for a screen- porch lemonade popsicle?

Ingrid said...

May I stop by for some raspberries? LOVE your new home!