Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Two winners!!

Rachel and Carol! Congratulations! Both lovely ladies. Send me your info. Rachel will get the featured "Beach Bauble" and Carol will get another of my crafting! Leave your email or mailing address and I'll send those out by the end of the week.

The choosing. It was one of those times when it was partly right there staring us in the face. Already comfortable, already fixed in our minds. Simple. Dr. Gooch said, on our drive home from the banks, "it has to be simple". But, I was tempted, oh! I was tempted! Thank you for all your brilliant suggestions.

Some of my favorites from your offerings that were SO apropos:

Cicada Chateau
My Angle of Abode
Jordan's Kershiz
Mansion de Espoir
Rascal Realm

I couldn't quite keep it as "The Cottage" though there was our simplicity! I couldn't get out of my mind my dad's comment, " could apply to anyone's house or even cheese." Though the thought crossed my mind, what about "Cottage Trees"! So I combined "The Cottage", Carol's suggestion with Rachel's "Cicada Chateau".

So, when you come visit, we'll welcome you to the Cicada Cottage!

It felt right, when we pulled into the drive too too late last night. As we carried the children in from the car into their beds, I was serenaded by the heavy hum of the Cicadas, high up in the oaks on the front lawn and the giant crepe myrtle blooming in the back.

And it felt like home.


rebecca said...

love cicada cottage, love you.

Rachel said...

Yay, I am so excited!

Thank you!

Carol said...

Hooray!!! I LOVE the name...simple and unique.
I will email you my address. Thanks Jordan!!!

michelle said...

Oh, I wish I had those crepe myrtles!

Jessica said...

Yay for a name! I'm pleased that one of my suggestions got recognition. Don't you love crepe myrtles? They are like giant lilac trees--too bad they don't also smell like lilacs.

Bunsy said...

You do love cicadas don't you? Remember when we were in Granada and you were writing lyrics to a song. One of the lines had cicadas in it. I remember it distinctly because at that time, I had no idea what one was. Perhaps we'll have to visit your Cicada Cottage someday.