Thursday, June 25, 2009

Try Everything Once...

Partners in "Cringe"

Well, not everything, right? That would be bad. But it's a rule at our table and also a well-intentioned way to expand the gastronomic repertoire of our brood. And let me clarify. The rule is actually "try everything that is offered at the dinner table once every time it is offered."

So, I made this fabulous Gazpacho from ingredients found at Raleigh's State Farmer's Market held daily. It wasn't anything to ooh and aah over, but a perfect pairing to our corn on the cob, fresh peaches, and sauteed summer squash.

During this particular meal, it was the gazpacho and, surprisingly, the corn. That posed a problem and also elicited some laughs (for me, internally). I swore to them it was just like tomato soup only fresh and WAY better. I also catalogued each ingredient in a fruitless effort to reassure the samplers. Dr. Gooch scooped a large spoonful and slowly made it into Lucy's mouth.
The face. Then the clear distaste. Then...the gagging began. Not once, not twice, but three gags a Lucy!! And yet, my girl did it! She swallowed.

No such luck for the mouthful of corn that Seth was diligently working on to earn the prize: A Chocolate Caramel McVities Digestive cookie. His gags were bigger, more violent. I had to intercede, though his Dad persisted. I swooped in with a paper towel and he gratefully conceded the ABM (already been masticated) veggie.

We all enjoyed our biscuit and cheered the participants of that evenings meal with encouragement, "Every time you try something it gets better and better!!" Whether they believed me? Well, that's still up for debate.

**Photos from Seth's birthday visit to Spencer, North Carolina's Transportation Museum. Read: everything train. It was a raving success. Details tomorrow.


Bunsy said...

Good for Lucy! I hated gazpacho when I was a teen but now I appreciate it. I don't love it, I just appreciate it and will drink it/eat it when it is served. Corn though? Almost always tasty to me.

Rebecca said...

I want some gazpacho, at least a picture. Yum!

Ann said...

Yeah, gazpacho sounds really yummy right about now/.

merathon said...

i completely agree with your table rules. we do the same thing around here. in addition to your two "strokes of genius," i was going to add that children should eat what their parents eat as soon as they start solid foods. being the short order cook is only a disservice to them in the future. from what i can tell, you already do this, so add that to your (growing) list of things you're doing right!

we are also fans of the early bedtime (which is my kids have yet to see fireflies, but i'm going to let them stay up late at least once this summer to see them) but we do NOT have a dinner bell. i think it sounds like a great idea. any ideas to KEEP them at the table once they are there??? my kids are easily distracted!