Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It was the day I went out to the Farmer's Market specifically for tomatoes to make the Gazpacho. Lucy came along. She does well to get out of the house periodically. I was happy to have her along, though she is in perpetual motion inside and out. She kept wiggling out of the part of the seat belt that fit across her chest.

ME: "Please sit back in your seat and keep your belt on all the way, Lucy!"
LUCY: "O-kay-ay."
ME: "Luce, I just want you to be safe, if we ever got in an accident, that seat belt will hold you in the car and keep you safe."
LUCY: "It's alright, Mom. If the door comes open, I will fall out onto the road and die. Then I will just go up to heaven and keep on living!!"
LUCY: (just sits blinking with the utter clarity and peace only obtained by being four years old)
ME: But, I would miss you!!
LUCY: I would miss you, too!


Rebecca said...

Wow. She gets it better than the rest of us.

Kurt Knudsen said...


Tracy said...

Heh, that reminds me of my four-year-old's comment today after his first swimming lesson of the season.

Me: "How was your swimming lesson?"
Him: "Good...I didn't even die."
Me: "You didn't even get into the pool...you just sat on the edge and played the whole time."

Their easiness with the idea of death is just uncanny, isn't it?

k a t y said...

Priceless conversation.

michelle said...


Jennifer said...

Reminds me of my 5 year old. They say stuff like that so matter of factly, huh?!