Friday, May 01, 2009

Weekend Diversions

I'll be running. Not the anticipated 26.2, but 13.1 in Highpoint, NC. Nana is coming up from the Bayou to celebrate her youngest grandchild's first birthday and spend some time with us "Northerners". We are looking at another house. I'll finally wear my Easter dress. I'll also air out the comforter before storing it for summer. The lawn was mowed, I have all the ingredients for chicken noodle soup, and I look forward to seeing lots of good friends after the race. And I won't forget to send Mother's Day gifts.
I like weekends. Here are three tidbits to add to yours:

1. I can't wait to try making my own stamps.

2. A poem for reading if healing is in order:

"Maker of All Things, Even Healings"
All night
under the pines
the fox
moves through the darkness
with a mouthful of teeth
and a reputation for death
which it deserves.
In the spicy
villages of the mice
he is famous,
his nose
in the grass
is like an earthquake,
his feet
on the path
is a message so absolute
that the mouse, hearing it,
makes himself
as small as he can
as he sits silent
or, trembling, goes on
hunting among the grasses
for the ripe seeds.

Maker of All Things,
including appetite,
including stealth,
including the fear that makes
all of us, sometime or other,
flee for the sake
of our small and precious lives,
let me abide in your shadow--
let me hold onto the edge of your robe
as you determine
what you must let be lost
and what will be saved.

--Mary Oliver

3. I may be the only one excited to make these. But, I love peas, and chili, and puffs (not to mention all the recipes that Heidi Swanson comes up with).


Katy said...


Sounds like a delectable weekend.

Anne said...

Good luck with your race!

Tracy said...

Happy running, Jordan! I'll think of you tomorrow during my 12 miler...the taper has begun for my big day, just two weeks away!

Suzanne said...

Hope you had a good run! I thought about you as I ran my half in Indianapolis.