Thursday, May 07, 2009


I apologize for the delay. The girls and I were trying out Craig's new GPS--let me tell you, it has greatly enhanced our house hunting experience--it's the magic talking box. Anyhow, we found a great little cottage near a friend's home and were then sidetracked at said friend's home for a bit.
But, I digress. From the 26 comments posted one was chosen on and it happened to be number 26! Breanne, you'll be sporting a snazzy pair on those lobes come Sunday morning! Congratulations. Please email me your shipping info soon, so they'll arrive in a timely fashion. And now, I have a new blog stop (Breanne is a designer who shares my love of CB2, it seems).

(jordanmangum at gmail dot come)
Thanks again, Katy, for spreading your goodness. Check out her latest poppy clip. It's my fave so far!


kt said...

Wow, your favorite so far? Check out the white one...

Breanne said...

Yay! I'm so excited! I can't wait to wear them! I have green eyes, - you would think I would own a good pair of green earrings, but I don't! This will be wonderful :)

Thank you Jordan & thank you Katy!

And yes, I love design - and love CB2 .... CB2, Room & Board, West Elm, EQ3 - and the list goes on and on :) Do you subscribe to Domino magazine? Such a great one - but I just found out it is going out of print, very sad.

Anyhow, thanks again! Happy Mothers Day to me!