Friday, May 15, 2009

Finding Lucy in My Bed Come Morning

Pushed by nightmares
Down dark tunneled hall
To deliver dreamed fears
Into safer ears and crawl
Under warmer cover
Where strong arms rest
To ward off terror's hover
And keep out midnight pests.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Peaceful curls and lashes
readying to bounce and bat
upon waking any minute

Rebecca said...

oh i love lucy.

Ann said...

Sleeping beauty! Love the poem.

Amy said...

My little one does this nearly every night. We think she has night terrors. I love that peacefulness in the morning, their little sleeping form so content by mommy & daddy.

Lovely photo.

(Hope this didn't post twice. My computer had some kind of glitch.)

Anonymous said...

Do I see some freckles around her nose? Those were always my favorite thing about my Karlie and Katie. I would watch them sleep and just enjoy the freckles. Tina (ann's mom in law)