Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy 179th Annual!

Will you catch the last conference session? I know we'll do our darnedest.

(We're missing our lovely guests. See some snaps from the visit(ors) here.)


Anonymous said...

Jordan, thank goodness you are blogging pictures of Mary Deane for me. I am having major withdrawals. I am sooooooooo glad that you were able to take care of Ann and Mary Deane. It looks like you had a super duper time.
What a gorgeous family they are. Hugs, tina (gma to Mary Deane) etc.....

Anonymous said...

oh Jordan, if your kids ever need another grandma, I am always looking to fill the position. Your kids are delightful. I babysit three little boys part time for a dear friend of mine and one of our absolutes that we have to play is build a fort or jumping castle with the living room furniture. (sssshhh, I'm secretly trying to get some new furniture out of it.) :) TMPJ (md's gma)