Friday, April 24, 2009

Dead End

Dr. Gooch spent the time saving lives. I widdled away the hours after the kids were down emptying the dishwasher, updating my Facebook status, checking on the kids (they are all really sick), listening to Seth remind me that we forgot to have otter pops after dinner, and texting Dr. Gooch.
I'm new to texting. Well, it's been within the last year that I began really taking advantage of the tool. Now, I love it. So, tonight it pulled me through the long minutes until the designated 9:00pm deadline for an answer from the sellers.
Me: i have butterflies
DG: catch one for me and I'll frame it
Me: it's not butterflies now it's seagulls
DG: Just chill out would ya?
DG: They're seriously gonna wait til the last minute? that's crazy
Call from Christy, the realtor, who says some guy who she has nicknamed "Pumba" put an offer on the table last minute and do we want to up our anty? No, we don't, we're in our comfort zone and we are sticking with it.
Me: wish you were sitting on the front porch with me enjoying this balmy evening by the budding broccoli
DG: count me in, it's way better than this joint
Call from Christy, the realtor, who says, "Pumba, got it."
sob sob sob to Dr. Gooch who has to call me back.
Dr. Gooch calls me back, sob sob sob (words of comfort) sob sob sob
Then I sat in a silent house and nobody was "skype-able". Blast!
So, maybe we would have been bitten back financially had this all panned out. Maybe that pool would have been the near demise of one of our precious children, maybe there's a better house?
This was a dead end. But it's not the only road.


Kurt Knudsen said...

SO Sorry!
The next one will be THE ONE.

Gina said...

Jordan, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry this is such a frustrating process...

Rebecca said...

No dead end...just the beginning!

Rebecca said...

I know, don't you hate optimism sometimes?

sara b said...

Darn! I don't have a better word than that. Not a dead end....I know there are some other beauties out there.

Crystalyn said...

: ( sorry jordan.

Ann said...

I'm sorry. I think there's a better one out there for you.

Ingrid said...

The right one will turn up at the right time, right price, right everything. You could have skyped me! :)

TX Girl said...

Sorry. I'm sure y'all are getting anxious to find something for your little family. Blast Pumba! (Which is the most appropriate nickname EVER.)

Hey, we should try to ichat. Send me your information.

TX Girl said...

Oh and I'm so with you on texting. I LOVE it. It makes it so much easier to chat with the ever busy doctors in our lives.

Jen said...


Carol said...

Just wanted you to know that I am sorry.

Also, on a brighter note, a friend just read an article that said that prices in your area are supposed to continue dropping over the next much as 25 to 30%. Maybe your dream home is going to be perfect and a STEAL!!!

I'm still sorry though...

Anonymous said...

And just maybe the Lord needs you to serve in a certain ward in the area?! You never know. And....we own a pool in the south and it has pretty much drained our pockets in electricity, chemicals and up keep each summer. Talk to Kevin before you get another pool in the picture. Lots of work! But wonderful for those dog days of summer. Tina (Brendon's mom)