Friday, April 10, 2009

Breakfast Brilliance

It was a particularly difficult dinnertime hour. No one seemed to be listening to anyone else and the Mom was in a particularly difficult mood. As we finally sat down to Dr. Gooch's buttermilk waffles (breakfast for dinner) with blueberry sauce, he began to tell each child why he loved them--in an effort to clear the air, I'm sure.

"I love Lucy because she's always happy!"

"I love Hazel because she is a good eater."

"I love you, Seth, because you are so curious and have the best questions."

"And I love you most of all, Avery." (He didn't really say this, but he thought it)

Then Lucy catches the spirit of things, having thought of yet another reason she should be loved, "A-and, I have ba-reeeel-yant ideas!!"

**Thank you for all your kind and consolatory comments. We hear news that Mary Deane is in the hospital until Monday. She has a collapsed lung and is being treated with IV antibiotics. She is also charming the nurses and staff who call her the "Gerber Baby".

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The Original Mangums said...

I love Seth because of his inquisitive and inquing mind, his zest for life and his gift of love.
I love Lucy because she is the sunshine, she has brilliant ideas, and she loves life.
I love Hazel because she has a quiet, loving, teasing spirit, and is the rainbow of trust.
I love Avery because she is the calming, loving, sweet spirted peacemaker.
In this hard time know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Little Mary Dean is also as well as her Mom & Dad and Grandparents. We love you all.