Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bags and Circles

I need suggestions for prevention of a certain syndrome. I'm on the verge of shedding my lining. Since this started up again after Avery got to be around 6 months old, the week before has left me hanging. Hanging on for dear life. My jaws are sore--so to speak--from biting everybody's head off. I try to distract myself and protect the ones I love by engaging in vigorous cleaning and tidying. Though, today was particularly annoying. I try to fight it, I do. But, only a hot shower could temporarily sooth my seething. After the shower I slipped under the covers next to the folded laundry and dozed off easily. Dr. Gooch woke me only to let me know that he was leaving for the hospital and that Lucy was watching PBS downstairs. Lucy eventually showed herself in and begged to invite Emma and Ally over to play. I refused her and shuffled downstairs to begin dinner. Seth arrived home from school and the other girls woke from naps. As I strained the angel hair and slices the asparagus, Seth looked at me,
"Mom, why does your face look different?"
"Different? How?"
"It just looks different. You look like you are really tired."
Me: touched (that he would notice the dark circles under my eyes) and unsettled (that I had such noticeable dark circles under my eyes).
"I am really tired. And sick, too. Sick and tired,"
Then we ate dinner and they went to bed (yeah, like it's that easy.)


Amy said...

That has been my problem for nearly all of this pregnancy so far. It's my anger that's getting me down far more than my nausea. If you find any answers please forward them my way!

Anonymous said...

Dear ladies, (sisters)
Unfortunately it is a process and just about when you finally get it right, the last one moves out or maybe one of the older ones moves back temporarily. I prayed for patience with each new child and cried more and more when I still yelled (repented) yelled (repented).....three suggestions 26 years of mothering has taught me
1) NEVER compare yourself to any other person
2) PRAY as though your life depended on it (cuz it does)
3) HANG ON for dear life cuz it's one of the fastest rides you will ever ride. Hugs, Tina (Ann's mom in law)

Jessica said...

I wish I could drop off dinner or jump on pillows with the girls while you napped or fold that pile of laundry. I love your honesty.

Rebecca said...

Oh the hills and valleys! Wish I could whisk away the kids for the day.

Tasha said...

Jordan, I can really relate to your plight. You will get back on solid ground, you will gain confidence in yourself & your abilitie. Dads SEEM more patient, but they aren't home! Dave is fabulous job when he is here, he gets what I call "the sugar" & I fill up sippy cup after sippy cup..

Lindsey said...

Jordan, this is Lindsey Jannas sister, I hope you don't mind me commenting. I have been reading your blog for a while and think you're a beautiful writer.
Anyhow, I have had the same issues with the monthly devil in me and a midwife told me to try some stuff called Natural Calm that you get at the health food store. Love it!

Rachel said...

I am in the same mode, only mine can't be blamed on the shedding of lining...so what am i to do? i love Tina's comment. i think i'll read it a few more times before i start the grind.

Erin said...

Jordan, I have recently had a lot of success with homeopathics. There are some herbal tinctures that can be really effective too (and some don't work at all...gotta find the right ones).
If you want more info, email me (it's on my blog).

Anonymous said...

I have been away and wanted to offer one more suggestion: While serving in an RS presidency our 2nd counselor (mother to five-3 under five) and a Dr. who works outside the home part time bought each of us a book entitled: "motherhood is not for sissies" If you do not have it buy it and put it somewhere you can see it everyday. (small pink book, 9.95 in US) Hugs to all from one who had to have medical assistance to get through the journey with no regrets. The Lord loves you amazing women. Tina (ann's mom in law)