Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angels and Eggs

The night before the Easter Bunny came, I sat on the edge of his bed and had a discussion with Seth. It went like this:

Seth: "Mom, I looked outside and there are no eggs hiding!"

Me: "The Easter bunny doesn't hide the eggs until you're asleep."

Seth: "How does he know when I'm asleep."

Me: "He just knows."

Seth: "Don't say that, really tell me!"

Me: "Well...he has little chicks as helpers that peek in to see if you're sleeping. Like Santa has elves."

Seth: Pause

Seth: "Who does Jesus have?"

Me: Pause

Me: "Angels."

Seth: "So, who do we have at Halloween?"

Me: "Nobody, now go to sleep so the Easter bunny can do his job."

Avery thoroughly enjoyed being a spectator to the hunt.


Kurt Knudsen said...

I love Seth and his questions.
I love Hazel checking out the other basket contents.
I love Avery's face of glee.
And I just love Lucy.

Rebecca said...

Oh happy Avery! Could I just hug them all for a few minutes?

Ann said...

Kute kids!

Suzanne said...

You think quickly on your feet. I may borrow the chicks idea.

amy m said...

conversations with the big at heart...darling.