Friday, March 13, 2009

Revisiting Resolutions and Awaiting Reservations

I made 26 resolutions for the new year. As two and a half months have made like a twinkle of an eye I am checking my diligence and success.

1. I think there is more building up as we encourage the minis to make their own way in this world and inspire in them confidence to navigate it. 2. I haven't taken on any more "farmhouse affairs". Needless to say, we are in a sort of limbo as far as the house-hunting goes. 3. A marathon? I'm in training baby!! 4. My nutrition is fine, I need to increase volume of healthy foods, though. 5. I've been verse hopping in the BOM, I'd like to read it front to back. 6. I'm looking out at the bone chillin' rain outside right now and am not planning a camping trip with the kids as of yet. But, the popcorn is popping on the "apricot" trees, so tent time is promising. 7. Ditto to beach time. 8. I finished reading Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri (a good read), got four chapters through Mr. President's Audacity of Hope and had to put it down (the political gibbity garble was getting to me), and I'm currently enjoying my read through of Harold Bloom's How to Read and Why. 9. No dinner parties on the horizon (I anticipate this will be a winter event that will double as a house warming party once we have a house to warm). 10. A sister's retreat--Ashley? Katy? Ann? Olivia? and Laurie? Janna? Jeni? Robyn? I'm open to ideas. 11. Photos successfully archived--now for the printing and putting (#12) 13. Sunday evenings are diligently spent relaying our week's tidbits to mom and dad (all the juicy stuff I leave off my bloggity blog). 14. Kissing--check! 15. Morning prayers--I need to bring them out of extinction still. 16. Family time improved--three words: Maple. View. Farms. 17. Marathon training is not conducive to "slowing down"--two words: mutually exclusive. 18. I've been fairly successful with outdoor time with the mini goochkins. 19. Please email me your birth date and those of all your offspring. 20. We will be making a trip up to our nation's capital just in time for the cherry blossoms (Ann? Jessica? How is your end of April looking?) 21. The atlas sits trustily by the side of the magazine rack/diapering station always willing to indulge our road trip fantasies. 22-23. Our perpetual parental goal: more patience with the determined brood we've born. Speaking of determination--8-years into it, we are maturing maritally. 24-25. yes. 26. One of the greatest joys in my life is stripping those sheets in what our first guest this month coined "The Avery Room" and preparing for more occupants. We've had the pleasure of booking every weekend in March! But there are nine more months in 2009 so we await your reservation! (Dr. Clayton, we missed your front porch photo opportunity, so you'll just have to return--this time with the lovely Mrs. and your trio of tots!).

Jessica, her Jaime, and their Deuce! (with Gooches interspersed)


Ann said...

Sisters retreat? Oh please yes! Ideas? Maybe Katy's lovely Floridian beach?

Katy said...

Oooh! Yes! I was wondering how your resolutions were coming along. Good for you, making progress in so many areas!

Jordan said...

Florida sounds good to me! This summer?

Jeni said...

I'm not sure if I did this already, but:

Jeni December 14
Aaron September 21
Calyn April 13 (she's almost 2!)

and as far as sisters retreat...I'm in. The "brothers" are having theirs in a few weeks. It's our turn.

Jessica said...

Well done on the resolutions!

What a cute porch photo...lets take more. I like how Hazel is so cutely snuggling with Jamie AND holding Asher's hand. Ahhh.

End of April is terrific for us! We'll spread out the baby babe beds for you.

Shawna B. said...

You're doing wonderfully well, Jordan! Very inspiring! It sounds like we will be in VA at about the same time. We head back to the Old Dominion on April 25 and will stay for a glorious week - just in time for the cherry blossoms! Cannot wait.

Way to go on the marathon! It sounds like a good one. I know you mean about all the benefits. I am itching to do another one, and now, staring at my bulging belly, it's hard to believe it was only 5 months ago that I ran those 26 miles. I'm excited for you!

Ingrid said...

Wonderful progress, Jordan!

I know a good beach just down the road...

Rebecca said...

Hey, wait, what about the mother?