Thursday, March 12, 2009

Locally Grown

Seth suggested we buy a house right next to the Maple View Farms Ice Cream Store (located on the farm complete with big rocking chair front porch and twenty+ rocking chairs). Not a bad idea. It would render a Monday evening tradition very convenient: to partake in the oh-so-fresh treat right on the farm where the cows who "made" the ice cream graze and play "king of the hill" on the hay bail.

view from the hay bail


Jessica said...

I love you guys! Great photos of the Mangum cutie cutes. I hope Seth gets his wish--I enjoy when the 'kid' in him comes out!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Maybe we will move right new to that beautiful farm! M

Ann said...

You look comfortably beautiful Jordan.

That does sound like the ideal spot!