Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"It's Nice To Be In Love Again"

The weekend was full of witty one-liners like that one--courtesy of our favorite Nashville Neighbors. Rain couldn't keep us from basking in the easy company of Le Batos (as we lovingly call this family of five). They left this morning overfed, overtired, and overwhelmed (I'm sure) by the madness that only Mangums can muster. We would certainly do it one-hundred times over and now mourn the loss of their cheerful voices filling our halls.

These colorful cuties puddle jumped at Duke Chapel, turned "the rental" into a veritable bounce house, rolled down Mac's Mattress slide, kept each other up way too late with drama only the Kindergarten Set (or should I say, Seth) can dish. The Goochkins introduced the Bateman Minis to cukes with sprinkle cheese and apples with cinnamon and the powerful track-stopping scream of a Lucy.

Mya initiated Seth into the complicated world of older women.

Rex and Hazel, it turns out, share much more in common than letters in their names that appear near the rear of the alphabet. Finally, someone Hazel's speed (and height).

Miss Sara B. -- We get along swimmingly, nothing new here (except my bubble umbrella). She's a delight to be with and records it all with her mad photog skills (see all pictures above). She introduced me to her sexy MacBook Pro, the secret to tolerable bangs, how she met her "Marty", the joy of slow-cooker meals, and even made a game of Bananagrams more interesting (hard to do). I tried to woo them with the charm of Chapel Hill, marathon training on the tobacco trail, and endless entertainment by me and my Stallion, but I'm afraid the West is where their hearts beat strongest (rightly so). But, come again, come again, we'll gladly host those hearts of yours--rain or shine.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Happy times with the B's!

Rebecca said...

I love the photographs of your minis!

Ann said...

It's so nice to have good friends.

Jessica said...

So glad you had a fabulous weekend! Yay. I hope you get to see lots of your Nashville neighbors before they move way out west.

amy m said...

lovely photos.

I can't believe your blooming already. I'm dying to see the trees covered, but I hear it's suppose to snow Monday. :(

michelle said...

Such wonderful photos!