Friday, January 30, 2009

Would You Like A Tour?

This is the Florida home of Katy and Ryan Dill. I was smitten when I first stepped foot in it this past Sunday and had to share. It's the color, mostly, that struck me, but also the attention to detail, not to mention some great one-of-a kind pieces! Katy plays the harp, makes charming children's clothing, rears five girls under the age of 7, whips up gourmet meals in her kitchen with her handsome hubby and stays as stylish as her abode. Let me show you around.


Spring green, rich orange and sky blue permeate the whole place. Notice the chandelier and the fun layout of the main living areas.

Three Texas Stars hold handbags harking back to the couple's Stay in the Lonestar State .

Donald greets you first thing, a relic from Katy's father's arcade/kiddie ride business. The etched mirror is a piece by her sister Ashley, a successful artist in Utah.

Family/Music Room

The curved couch echoes the none-ninety-degree floor plan

From Beethoven to Wagner, vintage records play a supporting role to an original Kurt Knudsen lamp.

The charm of the photo wall is in the mismatched frames.

The fireplace was custom done with tiny green glass tiles.

The "Florida Room"/ Playroom

Full of light and fun for the four older ones (the fifth isn't crawling quite yet). A darker blue in here compliments the ongoing orange.

Hollow glass bricks as little banks for the babes' bucks.

The home is filled with original artwork from family members. This is a hooked wool rug by Rebecca Knudsen, the Dill Girls' Grandmother and hangs in the rounded dining room.

A Katy original. All handmade, she watches over the dainty diners.

With little storage space, luckily the Dills have beautiful dishes that look perfectly at home out in the open, right in the dining room. Notice the whimsical trim on the walls.

Coat hooks in the breakfast nook.

Master Bath/Bed

She sees sea shells above the toilet seat.

I forgot to ask her where she got the barrel for this beside table. Perfect!

This great vintage chair was found at an estate sale. I love the visible grain of the velvet upholstery.

more original artwork and craftsmanship.

Thanks for opening your doors for me, sis!


Ann said...

Oh Katy! What a beautiful home!

Katy said...

Thanks for the flattering tour!

TX Girl said...

I have the matching chair to your sister's estate find.

Where did she find the chandelier for the bathroom?

your dad owned a kiddie ride business?

Oh.. I wish I had seen the banks before I bought my kids' theirs. Etched brick glass is so much more appealing than a crazy colored pig.

Natalie said...

So fun! You make us all want to vacation there.

aubrey said...

ooh, i love this funky and artistic and original. thanks for taking great pictures and sharing them with us!

p.s. love your ok is the current ringtone on my phone.

bird on the lawn said...

Katy! Jordan! I need a copy of that wall of pics.
Nice pics Jordan!
Nice house Katy!

amy m said...

I love interiors and seeing what different personalities come up with. Great space.

Rebecca said...

Now that is a great house--not those boring magazine houses! M

Kurt Knudsen said...

May we visit sometime in 2010?

michelle said...

Lovely! I think my favorite part was the colorful stack of albums...

Jen said...

whhat a cool house! It shows so much of her personality!