Friday, January 02, 2009

The People

The first layer of soil was frozen on the first day of the year, but my sister and her "Tom Cruise" (though much nicer and more sane) agreed to pose in the cold with their Mary Deane on our front porch. They took their leave moments later and the kids and I were left with a much too normal home scenario.

So, I wanted to take the opportunity to exploit the forum for a little thanks to "the people". My people. They filled our corridors and sat round our tables as the year ended and passed into a new one. I am a better me with people around. I guess that's why I disclose it all here. It's like I'm sort of sharing my mundane then, in turn making it a little more marvelous by your reading of it.

Thank you, too, to the people that filled my wall. Those we've "gathered" on our trails that brightened our holidays with their effort of greetings.

So, the sheets are washed and the towels are hung. We're always open for business--or at least a visit.


Tasha said...

Happy 2009 Jordan. Thank you for being one of my "people" too. People like you definately make this life more bearable on the worst days and sparkly on the best.

Rebecca said...

Keep those towels washed for awhile--we will be there! M

Kurt Knudsen said...

fun to see the jones trio and lucy goosey and the christmas greetings.

Sara said...

Looks like your holiday with all your visitors was very merry and bright. You are the hostess with the mostest...I have experienced it first hand! When are we meeting in Ashville???

The Original Mangums said...

We loved our visit, can't wait to come back!