Monday, January 19, 2009

How Was Your Dinner?

I ate tonight with my BFF (best friend forever) who I call PR (punk rocker) who lives 1 1/2 hours drive from me. What are the odds people!! Anyhow, we spent all day trying to talk above the roar that is our children combined. It was completely therapeutic and put me in such a good mood that I decided...

to choose 6 of you totally radical and absolutely kind commenters. Really, you boost my SE (self esteem). Since I'm away from home, I don't have a nifty photo (or maybe I can steal one off Burly's computer). Also, I was going to give you the polenta and roasted vegetable recipe, but it is at home with Dr. Gooch. You can try to get a hold of him but he is probably busy posting on his own blog (if you believe that you're hilarious).

But that is all neither here nor there.

Congrats to Jennifer, The Comeaux Family, Merathon, Anne, Kristin, and Susannah. You're all invited to my "Uber Fancy Dinner (and dance) party on a front porch that I'm hoping to "win".

Or....I'll send you my mix tape.

Just leave your email in a comment in this post and will arrange the delivery of "Be OK". (Or, if you aren't comfortable with such exposure let me know and you and I will make alternative arrangements).

Yes, I stole the picture. Pretty freakin' awesome.


Susannah said...

Yay! My email address is suemagoo18 at gmail dot com. Thank you!!

The Comeaux Family said...

omg :)
looking forward to your tunes!

Jennifer said...


I am LoW said...

Burly? Real name? Do tell!

Anne said...

Really? Me? Anne with an "e"? In the event I'm not seeing things (my contacts are a bit foggy right now) and I am indeed a lucky winner my email is anniesblog (at) gmail (dot) com


michelle said...

Oh, how I wish I could come to dinner at your house, Jordan!

TX Girl said...

Well I don't need your stinkin mixed cd, because I just made my own. Ohh and how I love it. Playing NON-STOP. I'm over the moon about the White Stripes song.

I'm happy for all the winners. They will be in musical heaven.

aubrey said...

now i have the song "be ok" in my head. i ate lunch with a good friend on monday and did just that..chatted above the roar of our kids and it was so rejuvenating!