Thursday, January 01, 2009

The highlights for the year, so far (we're not looking back)

hollow-fluted glasses!!!!

kissing visitors, shouting in the driveway under the stars

Bringing in the start of a new year with black-eyed peas and collard greens for the last time(I mean, really, this stuff is foul--there are so many other good things to eat).



Melissa said...

You must not know the secret to having delicious collards. 1st you cook several pieces of bacon in the pot. Then you leave the grease in the pot and the greens. You then add enough water to cover the collards and bring them to a boil. Next, turn the temp on simmer and add a little bit of sugar to take the tartness out of the greens. Cook until the collards fall apart and then you will know what southern collards taste like. If you ever come down to the beach let me know and I will fix you some. Happy New Year!

The Original Mangums said...

Happy New Year to our North Carolina Mangums - we love you!

Kurt Knudsen said...

Happy Happy 2009! May your hollow flutes never be empty and may your peas not have a black eye.

Rebecca said...

Yipee! Happy New Year and hip hip hooray for hollow flutes! M

Rebecca said...

PS Why do you have collard green and black eyed peas?