Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Day

Both Dr. Gooch and I felt that today was our day.

If not our day to lay claim to the farmhouse, then at least our day to let. it. go.

Not the case.

It was a day for stocking the pantry (hooray for canned organic diced tomatoes that rescue from a dinner pinch),
keeping the children occupied while archiving a whole year's worth of photos onto CD (a private war between my computer and me),
finding two fevers in two little girls, and
being annoyed at things that don't work in the rental (like the stove elements that refuse to light and the upstairs toilet paper holder that is two miles reach from the toilet seat so that I have to run upstairs to answer calls of, "Iiiiiii'm dooooooo-ooooone!!!!!!")

Today wasn't our day. But tomorrow might be.


Jeni said...

Hopefully your suspense will be over tomorrow. I can't stand not knowing the future. I'm currently suffering from chronic tension headaches and I know they're stress induced based on Aaron graduating and us moving on to "real life." Ugh.

Rebecca said...

I am sorry about your day but YOU made MY day! Much love to you--maybe tomorrow. M

Kurt Knudsen said...

Claudette has a toilet paper holder on a chrome stand. Simple. portable.

TX Girl said...

I'm with your dad. We had the same issue with our lovely little rental. I got a portable chrome stand that fits 3 rolls for the littles' bathroom.

Hope you hear soon. I can only imagine how agonizing the wait is. You can just keep repeating this mantra.. "good things come to those who wait." Annoying little saying.. isn't it?

michelle said...

Oh, I hope that your day is coming, and soon!