Thursday, January 08, 2009

26 Resolutions for 2009

In no particular order...

1. Give a thoughtful compliment to each member of the family each day. Build up, not tear down.

2. Buy a home.

3. Run a marathon.

4. Restrict candy, white flour, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

5. Read the BOM.

6. Go camping with the kids.

7. Spend one whole week at the beach.

8. Read ALL the books sitting on my bedside table.

9. Throw an uber fancy dinner party, complete with dancing and hollow-fluted glassware.

10. Plan and execute a sisters' retreat.

11. Clean the amassed collection of photos off my hard drive and archive onto CD.

12. Print 2008 photos to put in the kids albums.

13. Write a letter to the Korean missionaries every Sunday.

14. Kiss Dr. Gooch each day.

15. Pray morning and night.

16. Improve family time.

17. Slow down.
18. Go outside with all the Mini Gooches a little every day.

19. Compile birthdays for family members and send wishes/gifts.

20. Visit Washington DC.

21. Take the kids on a summer road trip up the coast.

22. Set parental goals.

23. Set marital goals.

24. Smile more.

25. Understand more.

26. Keep the guest room busy.


Rebecca said...

Wow. What a year! M

Kurt Knudsen said...

Good resolves--every one!

Katy said...

Those are great resolutions. I only have three so far:

Read the BOM with the kids

Stop procrastinating


Ingrid said...

Those are great goals. I can help with the week at the beach...

Panooch said...

I have one more to add to your list. Visit Lewisville more often.

Panooch said...

Oh L amour!! Sweet sass molass! I was cutting up red potatoes in my kitchen and suddenly I was transported to the Dixon lunchroom for a fantabulous memory of our Jr. High dances. Awesome.

Sara said...

I think you should wait and plan that trip to D.C. in the fall when we are living in Philly and Mr. Mac and his wife and their three kiddos will gladly meet you there...if you'll have us. Just an idea to chew on. I'd love to run that marathon with you too....want to come and do Nashville in April? A
nother little something to chew on.

I am right there with you when it comes the cleaning off that hard drive....yikes, i have some work to do.

Shawna B. said...

Oh, so much to do and look forward to! Great goals, Jordan. I found myself thinking, "I should do that, too" to most of them - except kissing your Dr. Gooch of course! And the marathon ... got a baby coming!

Happy 2009 to you wonderful Mangums! May all your dreams come true and all your resolutions be realized!

The Original Mangums said...

Great goals, good luck! Remember the slow down one, it is a good one!

Ann said...


michelle said...

What an ambitious list!

And that photo is painfully beautiful.