Wednesday, December 24, 2008


My sister and her little trio "stopped in" on their way down to Georgia. They recently moved to Virginia. It is a comfort to have a sister near and a joy to see these two girl cousins in the same room--my living room! They'll be back for New Year's!
Auntie Ann and Avery

3-month Mary Deane and Me
We'll see you again on your way back!


Kurt Knudsen said...

So fun to see you two sisters and those two cute cousins cavorting in Carolina. Merry Christmas to all!

Ann said...

We are so happy to be so near!

Carol said...

Yeah!!! Aren't sisters the best?

So excited to hear whether you got YOUR least I am sending wishes your way that it will be YOURS.

Merry Christmas!!!

Jessica Womble said...

I didn't know Ann had moved already. How fun to have her so close. Wes and I are thinking about coming to Raleigh in the summer for 10 weeks. How far away do you live from there?