Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm sorry.

It was a thoughtless, off-handed comment--meaning no thought was really put into it.

I meant no disregard for the seriousness of children (or good friends of mine) with food allergies. I apologize for those I've offended and hope you'll let this one slide. All the way down the pile of rubble I'm building here. It is where I put it and without inspecting each stone, I'm letting it find it's spot on the angle of repose. That angle where all my own frustrations and delights alike can settle--come to rest. I mean no ill will. And neither does Dr. Gooch, who in fact reported to me the cases he's seen where allergic reactions in children, "Can be a bad deal." He, of course, always aims to stick up for his girl though, who, "wouldn't hurt a fly." Really.

So, I'm sorry. I hope I haven't repelled you for good, like a plate full of peanuts.

In the meantime, we're entertaining some premium guests here (Nana and Papa). A frigid run followed by some Irish oatmeal started our day. Lucy got a gashed finger in the screen door a la Seth and Craig is snug in bed after a night shift in the ED. Before the freeze came I got the tulip bulbs in the ground and hope we'll be in another house when they finally bloom.

We've got a full day planned once the Dr. emerges. Merry Holidays to you!


Ingrid said...

Jordan... I always look forward to reading your daily posts. I agree with Dr. Gooch that you would not hurt a fly.

And those of you who read this and wrote that you were disturbed by Jordan's last post, I know Jordan personally and can certainly vouch 100% for her that she meant absolutely no harm or offense. She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, inspiringly honest people I know!(Like Jordan, I too was a bit shocked when oranges were requested to not be brought into my child's kindergarten classroom!)

Allergies are serious, but there certainly is a happy medium that can be met in the classroom and with a daughter who has allergies to eggs and dairy in the 2nd grade, we have found this happy medium without the allergens being banned from the classroom (this is also coming from someone who survived elementary school with SEVERE peanut allergies and classmates who ate peanut butter sandwiches DAILY!)

rebecca said...

Dearest J, enjoy your family time. Wake up that Gooch! (You can tell him I said so.)
Happy Happy Holidaying!

Amanda L. said...


I've been a lurker too for awhile..and meant to introduce myself once I officially subscribed to your blog- but just felt kind of like the new girl at school.

I found you because I worked with Chanel at Sundance years ago and my husband knows Kristi C. from BYU.


My 8 year old daughter has a fatal peanut allergy and it was a real roller coaster at first when she was diagnosed. Sending her to school required a lot of faith on my part. I agree with the comment from Ingrid that there is a happy medium.

The world is not peanut free {or egg free, or almond free} and so my husband and I have done our best to teach her how to cope and live with this. But I also have to say that in the classroom, where it is such close quarters I appreciate when others understand the severity of her allergy. At lunch she sits at her allergy table with her two best friends who also have allergies [ to tree nuts] ...and it works out fine.

I will also put in my two cents about sunflower butter from Trader Joe's. I love it...although my Posey won't eat it because it looks, smells and tastes so much like peanut butter it kind of freaks her out...but it may be a good option for you.

I always enjoy reading your blog because you articulate so well the emotions and doings of motherhood. Thank you.

Sarah said...

No harm done :) I've just seen and read of so many parents who refuse to make even the slightest allowances on this issue.

I've felt like the new girl too! A positive out of this is that now I'm not!

The first post of yours I ever saw was about your rubbish bin (trash can to you guys I suppose) - I so related and went out to try and find one the same. It cost close to $500 here in Australia. Sadly I had to settle for a $30 not-semi-round-one from Kmart ...

Have a merry Christmas from Brisbane, Australia.

Kurt Knudsen said...

I forgive you! Kiss Lucy's finger for me. Glad you got your bulbs planted for all on MacKenzie Court to enjoy this Spring.

SoCalGal said...

Merry Christmas, Jordan! I say go private. All of us who know you personally, love you for who you are. Please don't censor your blog due to a few who don't like what you say or "how" you say it. I for one love your honesty and bluntness. I hope Dr. Gooch has the day off on Christmas and that you can have a wonderful holiday with your family! xoxo

Tasha said...

I love you. ITs your blog, you can have your opinions and I the fact that people would de-lurk to respond must mean that they know what an open, warm hearted person you are and that you would want to knw their take on the issue.

I am grateful that my children have not as of yet developed allergies, a friend's does and has to have an epi pen at all times and that would be reallly hard. It does make me wonder though, PB has been a dietary staple for so long, why do you (any of you readers) think it is becoming such an allergan right now?