Saturday, December 27, 2008

How We Entertain (Ourselves)

Reading in our sleep (with the lights on)

why, soccer, of course

farmhouse tours


Um, mustaches?

feeding lemons to really cute babies

pointing out our moles

Blaming Nana for passing down her mole genes

looking at really cute babies


Kurt Knudsen said...

we were entertained just looking at you!

Sarah said...

That reaction to the taste of lemon is so funny, but what's funnier is they come back for seconds!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a party!

Jeni said...

Glad you enjoyed the 'staches. They're always a hit! Wish we were there...

The Original Mangums said...

It was soooo fun! Have a happy day!

michelle said...

Lucy's expression in the wedding dress is priceless!