Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Christmas Treat

Sorry, Montana, I think our big blue has you beat

go ahead, scratch and sniff your screen

mother and daughter

Dr. Gooch proudly watching over his brood.

Our "baby" Goochies inspecting the inventory

It is only a few minutes from our front door.
We opted for a pre-cut Fraser Fir (aka the prettiest, yummiest smelling Christmas Tree in the world) from a farm down the road.
The kids tore through the winter-dried grass and in and out of the stubby pines. There was a dog and a view and gulps of fresh December air. When we finally climbed under our tree, into the car, Lucy panicked, "I never got my treat!!!!"
Tree, Lucy, we came for a tree. It is so hard to be three.


rebecca said...

1. Lucy's *panic* kills me.
2. Did you just diss Montana?
3. OK, your NC blue is pretty awesome.
4. Enjoy the decking of the halls!

Michelle said...

What great photos. We are getting our tree this weekend, should be fun hiking around the woods (in the snow) looking for the perfect tree. It always takes me a small eternity to find the perfect tree, which ends up being so Charlie Brown.

Jordan said...

In my defense, Rebecca, I've never been to Montana--so my comment is on no authority whatsoever. It's all a ploy to lure you out here for a visit (;

Ann said...

I am jealous. It looks beautiful! Due to our big move we have to forgo Christmas decorating.

Jeni said...

Frasier Firs are my favorite, too. We went to the tree farm with Rob and Tom, and then bought our tree at Lowes.

The tree farm only had cedar...great for garlands, not so much for Christmas trees (in my opinion).

amy m said...

looks and sounds like a delightful adventure. Can't wait to see it all lite up.

Lucy is so cute.

Rebecca said...

I'd like to smell that pine! I ruined my screen trying. M

Kurt Knudsen said...

Happy Christmas tree decorating!

The Original Mangums said...

We have our tickets! We're coming for a smell, and lots of grandchild enjoyment. Of course we will enjoy the parents too!