Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Laundry List

Seth got off the school bus this afternoon with three things: a fever, an "I Voted" sticker, and a dejected look. We found the Motrin, deposited his backpack on the table and he snuggled up on the couch.

Me: "Who did you vote for, Buddy?"

Seth: "John McCain."

Me: "Do you know who won?"

Seth:"Barack Obama. But I voted for John McCain." I gathered that this fact, along with a headache, was the source of the dejected face. Or not. Regardless, the conversation carried over to the dinner table an hour later.

Craig: "I voted for McCain, too. But Obama will do a good job. He'll take all our money, but he'll do a good job."

Me: I held my peace, but silently agreed.

I ran through our neighborhood and passed by a dozen McCain/Palin lawn signs. It was so quiet except for the wind and some Irish rain hitting the yellow leaves. I thought about how grateful I was to voice my vote yesterday. But this morning, on that damp jog across leaf-papered streets, I was even more grateful that it was over. The calm after the storm. The chance now to unite and move forward.

I often feel that way in our family. Great campaigns (like moving across the country, starting a new job, or buying a home) periodically rise up in the relationship and there is an uneasy haze trailing each step we make. Then, big decisions are made, the air clears and we're home. Grateful for the ride, but always, even more grateful for the calm. For the chance to move forward.

I'll go to bed tonight with three things: praying that Seth will feel better in the morning, hoping that we will get the house, and curious to watch and participate in the next four years of this democracy.

Oh, and dreading that ginormous pile of laundry upstairs.

*I'm doing a little housekeeping around here. Added some links to my sidebar. Checkout the giveawy at Tollipop, and take a breathtaking stroll down Lee Press Lane, i also love what Soule Mama had to say about the recent election--in fact, her sentiments were echoed here before I even read them. Oh, and Lima Beans in cream? Sounds perfectly comforting to me. That's just me, though.


The Original Mangums said...

Get well soon Seth, sorry you are feeling so bad! We are also glad it is over, a new beginning, a new start! May it be a good one!

Sara said...

I too am grateful for the calm after the election storm, or any storm for that matter. You are right, it is the best part. I love your words Jordan, "The chance now to unite and move forward" that is what we all should be hoping for now.

Hope Mr. Seth is feeling better soon.

How 'bout we meet in Ashville sometime in the not too distant future?

TX Girl said...

Personally, I'm not feeling the lima beans, but some of her other recipes look delish.

Yesterday I saw a friend and we didn't even discuss politics. I was of the opinion that the dye had already been cast and there had been enough talk. I was so happy. It was LIBERATING.

Hear. Hear. (is that right?) Let us all come together and unite. Because Mr. President is going to need all our energy channeled his way. He has his work cut out for him.

michelle said...

A big ditto to both your words and Lara's comment!