Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Polling Place, Rolling Race, and Holding Face

Do you shop at Costco? If you do, you'll have seen that huge banner hanging up (usually at the front of one of the frozen aisles). There is a picture of a long, bald-looking African-American sitting in an easy chair. Every time we're out doing our bulk shopping, my kids point to the picture of that man and yell, "It's Daddy!!" Weird, I know. Is there a connection here? I don't know. All I know is that I don't know anything and nobody knows everything about everything nor are they qualified in all aspects. We do the best with what we've come up with. You know?


Amy said...

Hm...I'll be looking up&around on my next Costco trip (it's usually down&about because most that I travel with are little shorties).

TX Girl said...

Too funny.

Love your last thought.

I wish I got a sticker.

The Original Mangums said...

We voted too! Now we can sit back and see what happens for the next 4years! Hopefully it will be good! Good or bad, we will roll with the punches!

michelle said...

I just went to Costco yesterday and I haven't seen that! Too funny.

I am feeling happy tonight. And a little nervous. Yet still hopeful.

Heather said...

Jordan, I found your blog through Nie a while ago and have been following your fam since your hubby is a doc and we are pursuing med school. Question: Now that Obama is president how do you and your husband feel about the changes to the medical field and how you have sacrificed 10 years of your life and incredible debt? Are you worried? We are considering not going to med school now with the prospect of extreme taxation and not knowing what the health care field hold, ie: universal health care, physician shortages, less compensation, etc. What are your thoughts? You can email me privately if you choose. Thanks in advance. gunnhp@hotmail.com