Saturday, November 01, 2008

Phew, Glad That's Over

October always goes out with a bang and a relief. A Bang for the kids and a relief for me--that we can finally move on to the more *savory* winter are the dregs of our tricky treating:

The Carver and his mini apprentices

Pre-candy dinner: witch hair, browned eyeballs, ghostly pears, and bat's blood to drink.

Glamour Witch with a taste for sweet pumpkin!

Dr. Skeletal
Can you spot our goblins? A wizard, a peacock and a headless shark.
Hazel was always front and center repeating over and over, "trick or treat guys!!" She somehow came home with twice as much as her sibs combined.
Fave quotes of the night:
"That sign says Obama!" (from our budding reader)
In a really high, squeaky voice, "There's a bowl of candy on that porch!!!"
"This costume is tripping me!", says a frustrated Merlin
"This holiday is magical", says a mother watching her hyper children running from porch light to porch light feasting their eyes on precious saccharine offerings.


Ann said...

Halloween is magical! Think about it, you get to dress up as anything you want and then go to ANY door and they'll give you candy! Pretty amazing as a kid.

Ingrid said...

Love the mole!

Rebecca said...

I cannot tell you relieved I was when Halloween was over. But as a child it was my favorite holiday besides Christmas. It looks like you made it magical for them! m

Amy said...

You look darling, Jordan (and the littles do, too!).