Tuesday, November 18, 2008


After four years in New Orleans and three years in Phoenix, our blood has thinned a bit. So, as we learn to cope with a cooler climate, we're waxing creative in the comfort of our own crib. Yesterday, Lucy had a sudden desire to take a dip.

But, once we were all in and Avery joined our bevy of bathers, Lucy stammered,
"I just want kids in here, no mommies and no babies!!"
That put a damper (pun of course intended) on things and we went back to blanket diving and cocoa sipping.

What do you do to pass your frigid Fridays and teeth-chattering Tuesdays?


Ann said...

What bathing beauties!

As for my frigid Fridays and teeth chattering Tuesdays I take long hot showers.

Kurt Knudsen said...

We put on long underwear, wool beanies, overcoats, scarves and gloves and invite people to join our English class. 200 said "yes" last night!

Rebecca said...

Yes, long hot showers are my favorite.
You can't believe how cold it is here. They told me it would come, it didn't believe them!

TX Girl said...

I loved seeing y'all "lounging" in the tub/pool.

I giggled several times about this little adventure. Especially Lucy's pleas.

Michelle said...

What Fun, swimming in the winter! Your bloge is so cute :)

Robin said...

Hi. Long answer here, but living in the NW, perhaps our weathers are similar. Some solutions to kiddo cabin fever on rainy days? It turns out Portland has quite a few ale houses. I mean, indoor playgrounds. Every now and then we'll make the rounds; usually the littlest ones get in free. Maybe your neck of the woods have some, too?

My rainy weather outing list also includes: the local science, children, and art museums; storytime at the library; and ladybug theater (puppet shows and such). The library has a "cultural pass" you can check out that allows free entry to several kid-friendly venues. Maybe your library has somethin' like that, too?

Ingrid said...

Jordan - that is a great photo of all of you bathing in the tub in your suits! My Tommy does that EVERY day!!!

We're facing a colder winter here already...it was 24 this morning! WHAT?!?!? We're in FL?!?! How can this be?!?! It's actually quite refreshing...but still too cold for my Florida blood.

My suggestions for winter/rainy/snow days, would be like Robin suggested to find indoor playgrounds, museums, libraries, etc... and also stay in as you did and create some fun memories pretending the summer days are still here. You are too fun and you seem to be right on track with finding some fun things to do for those cute cute kids. They will remember this moment with you.

Tracy said...

We don't have frigid Fridays and teeth-chattering Tuesdays in Las Vegas.